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January 2006

Town purchases land for building future town facilities

February 2008

Voters had three choices on referendum and voted to remodel current facilities instead of building on land already purchased

January 2015

Fire Department and EMS voices safety and space concerns with current facilities

February 2015

Fire Station Building Committee was created to come up with the initial planning of a new fire station

April 2015

Committee members tour current facilities

January 2016

Town Board ramps up research on new facilities

September 2016

Town Board puts out bids for architect

January 2017

Town Board hires SEH as architect

February 2017

SEH starts town facilities needs assessment study

March 2017

SEH interviews each department head of Fire, EMS, Police and town administration

June 2017

First Open House needs assessment informational meeting for community feedback

Building project citizen committee formed

August 2017

Building Project Citizen Committee meets with department heads of Fire, EMS, Police and town administration to discuss needs

Building Project Citizen Committee works with architect on final plans

September 2017

Building Project Citizen Committee presents final recommendations to town board members

Additional plan downsizing changes made

Second Open House informational meeting to display building plans and get community feedback